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How seriously do you take your physical well-being? 
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Psychologists claim that one of the easiest ways to actually achieve something, whether it's starting a business, or learning to play an instrument, or losing some weight, is to actually make a start with whatever it is you are trying to do. 

They liken it to the fact that a good waiter can remember the order of a whole table without writing it down, but once the money has been paid at the end of the meal, they quickly forget. This is because the brain is good at opening and closing projects in our sub-conscious. 

So in actual fact, the easiest way to lose weight quickly is to make a start - take some positive action TODAY so that your brain logs this in the 'in progress' section and nags you to keep going. 

Keeping the momentum going is the next challenge, and it's really vital that you are armed with good quality information to allow you to do that. You need to work psychologically, and physically at achieving this, and one of the biggest causes of failure is people not having the right information and making mistakes.